Falsa Fruit Benefits, Uses And side Effects

Falsa Fruit Benefits – Phalsa is a fruit whose name we all must have heard. It doesn’t look like bananas and guava in general. It is considered as one of the working fruits of our country. Falsa fruit is also called Sharbat Bairi in English. It was originally used to make syrup. Phalse is used not only in India but all over the world. It contains many nutrients, so it is very beneficial for our health. It is rich in elements that improve digestion.

What is Falsa Fruit?

Phalsa fruit is small and round in shape. But its health benefits are many. This fruit is eaten a lot in summer. Sharbat is also made from Phalsa (Grewia asiatica), drinking which can prevent many problems in summer. It does not allow lack of water in the body. Provides coolness to the body from inside. Many types of nutrients are present in Falsa.

Phalsa Cultivation

The fruits of Phalsa are sold very expensive in the market. The color of raw phalsa is beige red and purple. The color turns black after cooking. Its tree can also be grown in the fields alone, but to earn more profit, experts recommend cultivating the Falsa crop with mango, guava. Phalsa is also known as Sharbat Beri or Chharberi. It is a tree of Indian breed. It is considered to be a Tilasia family tree. There are a total of 150 plants in the Tilasia species, but the fruit is eaten only of the Phalsa plant.

Falsa Fruit Benefits


Phalsa fruit is rich in iron. Its consumption can help in the treatment of anemia. The iron present in it can help in making red blood cells of the body. The deficiency of which leads to anemia. Anemia can also cause fatigue and health problems.


Phalsa also helps in wound healing. Phalsa leaves are used to heal wounds and eczema. Grind the leaves of Phalsa and apply it on the skin and leave it for a few minutes, so that they can do their work. At the same time, vitamin-C is found in phalsa, which is considered helpful in wound healing. Both the paste and consumption of leaves can provide relief from this problem.

Falsa Fruit Benefits of Cancer

Antioxidants present in Phalsa fruit act as anti-cancer agents in our body. Consuming Phalsa fruit can also protect you from deadly diseases like cancer. It is believed that the antioxidants present in this fruit can protect our body from breast and liver cancer.


Low glycemic index is found in the juice of Phalsa fruit. With its help, it can help in controlling diabetes. Carbohydrates present in foods with a low glycemic index break down more slowly in the body. Due to this, the glucose level in the body does not increase all at once. The polyphenols in fresh phalsa fruit are also beneficial for diabetes.

Falsa Fruit Benefits of Gout

Phalsa fruit is used to reduce the discomfort related to arthritis. Phalsa fruit has anti-inflammatory properties. Which can help reduce the swelling and pain in the joints caused by arthritis. According to a research, the extract of Phalsa fruit has anti-arthritis effect. Because it contains flavonoids, phenolic compounds and vitamin C.

Abdominal pain

Consumption of Phalsa fruit is recommended even if there is stomach pain. It is rich in fiber, which can provide relief in stomach pain. Consuming Phalsa fruit or its juice provides relief from stomachache. Along with this, Phalsa fruit is a cooling agent and helps in increasing appetite and digestion. In such a situation, if you ever have stomach pain due to body heat or indigestion, then in such a situation also it helps in curing Phalsa.

Falsa Fruit Benefits of Diarrhea

Consumption of Phalsa fruit is considered beneficial in diarrhea. The bark of the Phalsa tree has been used to stop diarrhea. Actually, potassium is found in abundance in Phalsa. It helps in getting relief in diarrhoea.

Strong bones

Phalsa fruit is rich in calcium. Because of which it is considered good for bone health. Along with strengthening bones, it can also help in increasing the density of bones.

Falsa Fruit Benefits of Heart

The fiber present in Phalsa fruit helps in protecting against cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants present in phalsa fruits and juices are also helpful in fighting heart-related diseases. It is a low glycemic index food item. Which helps in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and obesity. It also contains a good amount of potassium. Which can work to control blood pressure.


Phalsa fruit juice is good in treating asthma and respiratory problems. Phytochemical compounds present in phalsa fruit can reduce breathing problems. Consuming hot juice of Phalsa with ginger and black salt is beneficial in relieving respiratory problems.

How To Use Falsa Fruit

  • Phalsa can be included in the diet in moderation.
  • In it, we will tell about some beneficial and quick methods.
  • Phalsa is to be eaten directly like a fruit.
  • They are so small and soft that they will melt in your mouth.
  • You can also use it to make sherbet.
  • A little lemon and mint can be added to it for taste.
  • A little rose is also added to the juice of Phalsa.
  • You can eat Phalsa by mixing it in a fruit salad.
  • Can make sweet syrup for ice cream, sweet bread and many other substances.

Side Effects of Falsa Fruit

Falsa is found to have anti-hyperglycemic activity.

Due to which the blood glucose level decreases.

Excessive consumption leads to hyperglycemic (low glucose level) problems.

Are allergic to any of the nutrients present in Phalsa.

So its side effects can be seen in your body.

Phalsa fruit contains a lot of calcium.

By eating it, the amount of calcium in the body is high.

This can lead to hypercalcemia.

Hypercalcemia can affect your kidneys.


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