Honey Bee Farming | How To Start Bee Keeping And Honey Processing

Honey Bee Farming – The business of beekeeping is a business along with agriculture. With the help of this business, you can get good profit in the form of season. If you want, you can also get financial help from the government to start this business. For this business you need to get information related to beekeeping. Farmers can earn very good profit from beekeeping. From one bee box of the farm, the farmer gets 50 kg of honey and 2 to 3 boxes of bees in a year. Those new bees help you to do this business again.

To promote agriculture in the country, the government is running many schemes for the farmers. Farmers are benefiting from those schemes. The main objective of the government to run these schemes is to increase the total production of the country as well as increase the income of the farmers. Apart from farming, the government has started a scheme of bee keeping for how farmers can get more benefits. Farmers can increase their income by doing bee keeping along with farming.

What is Beekeeping?

Beekeeping is also called Apiculture. A box is needed for beekeeping. There are frames in this box. In which the bee lives. This box should be kept in such a place where there is a good arrangement of clean and clean water and the source of food for the bee is available. If you keep the bee box near the crops of mustard, litchi, drumstick, jamun, sunflower and moong etc. Honey is obtained in good quantity from this.

In October-November, during this time, the mustard species are available in abundance for a long time. Due to the availability of both pollen and flower juice from this crop to the mutts, the moose starts doing the breeding work very fast. She is even ready to increase her numbers. In earlier times, for beekeeping, beekeeping was done in earthen pots, wooden chests, tree trunks. In the modern era, new methods have been developed for beekeeping. This made beekeeping a lot easier.

Honey Bee Farming

Keeping a beehive in an agricultural farm is not a new concept. Honey is a commercially important product. Keeping a beehive in a field promises additional income to the farmers. Starting beekeeping in India does not require huge investment, infrastructure or even fertile land. In agriculture, bees do not compete with crops for resources. On the other hand it helps in increasing the agricultural productivity.

This is because bees play an important role in pollination of many plants. Sunflowers and other such crops are highly dependent on bees for pollination. Honey produced by bees is of high commercial value. When honey is collected from forests in the traditional way, bee colonies are destroyed. Colonies are preserved by growing them in artificial hives.

Family of bees

Queen Bee – The queen bee is the mother of the family. Its function is to lay eggs. And its average lifespan is 2 to 3 years. The queen bee is the largest in size. In a family of bees, there are one queen, several thousand workers and 100-200 males.

Worker Bee – The worker bee, as its name suggests, is also its work, all the functions of the bee family belong to them. Its functions range from collecting honey to taking care of eggs, protecting it from enemies, managing food and managing water. The worker bee does all that work. It is the smallest in size compared to other bees. Its life span is only 2 to 3 months.

Male Bee – Male bees are slightly smaller in size than the queen bee. The function of the male bee is to mate only with the queen bee and the male bee dies immediately after mating. Apart from this, the male bee does not do any other work, it only does this work.

Benefits of Beekeeping

  • Beekeeping can be started by an individual or a group.
  • There is a huge demand for honey and beeswax in the market.
  • Utilization of flowers and pollen, generation of income and self-employment.
  • Bees do not compete structurally with any other farming enterprise.
  • Pure honey, production of royal jelly, production of wax, pollen, venom, etc.
  • Beekeeping can be done without additional manure, seeds and irrigation.
  • Due to the process of pollination on the bee, there is an increase in the yield of one and a half to one and a half times in the crop, vegetable and orchard.
  • Beekeeping requires less time, less cost and less infrastructural capital investment.
  • Honey and bee wax can also be produced from low yielding farms.
  • Beekeeping also has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Bees play an important role in the pollination of many flowering plants.
  • They are helpful in increasing the production quantity of sunflower and various fruits.
  • Honey is a delicious and nutritious food item.

Honey Business Process

Honey Processing Plant

The process of honey plant processing is being described. A special machine is required to set up this plant. Honey plant is set up with the help of this machine. With the help of this machine, the work from making honey (honey) to packaging can be done.

Honey Bee keeping and Farming in India

Beekeeping is a better process. It can keep beekeepers in its farm for work. These people are expert in beekeeping. There is a need to keep bee in a place where there is no moisture. The place should require clean and natural water and it is much better if there are more number of trees and plants. Beekeeping requires a clean and spacious space. A box can hold a maximum of 10 frame bees. But it is better to have 8 frame bees.

Honey Packaging 

Packaging of honey is an essential step of this business, brands of honey are being sold in the market with the help of various packets. At the time of packing, special care has to be taken about the quantity of honey and the design of the bottle. You can sell your made honey with the help of a minimum 100 g box. Cans of various designs will be available in the market as wholesale.

Honey Marketing

Marketing is necessary to increase the business of honey. The honey made later can be easily sold as wholesale. In the immediate time, only three or four brands of honey are being sold in the market. If your quality is better then in a short time you can easily earn your name in the honey market. You can sell honey by talking to big shops in the market. Brand posters can be put up in the city for marketing.

Honey Bee Farming License

You need a special license to trade. First of all, your plant has to be registered under Udyog Aadhaar. It is required to create a current bank account and PAN card in the name of your firm. The honey made by you has to be examined in the government food department and get a license from FSSAI. Trade license is also required for business. For tax, you will also have to register your firm under GST.

Honey Bee Farming Business cost

Business can be started on a small scale. If farmers want, they can do business of beekeeping with the help of only 10 boxes. With the help of 10 boxes, the total expenditure in beekeeping business comes to 35,000 to 40,000. This trade increases by more than 3 times with the increase in the number of bees per year. That is, this business started with 10 boxes can be of 25 to 30 boxes in 1 year.


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