Shilajit Benefits, Medicinal Uses and Side Effects

Shilajit is considered one of the most important medicines in Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. It has been used for thousands of years for longevity and many diseases. Shilajit is a coarse, blackish-brown mineral coal, which is released from cracks in the Himalayan mountains during the summer season when the temperature rises. 

Shilajit is made from age-old, decomposed plants that are a powerful source of vitamins, minerals and many nutrients. It is a powerful adaptation that helps in protecting against all kinds of mental and physical stress. The consumption of Sheelajit, found in the Himalayas, improves the sexual health of men by increasing their strength.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a viscous substance found mainly in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops through the slow decomposition of plants over centuries and is available in the summer. Shilajit is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an effective and safe supplement that can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. There are many ways to use Sheelajit .

Benefits of Shilajit

Keeps the mind sharp

The use of Shilajit is also beneficial for our brain. It can also strengthen our memory. The fulvic acid present in it can prevent abnormal and unbalanced production of tau protein in the brain. Due to which the problem of brain like Alzheimer’s can also be relieved. However, more research is still needed on this. The information given here is based on general assumptions. Which we do not claim.

Urinary problems

Consumption of Shilajit can also provide relief from urinary problems. It can help keep the kidneys and bladder healthy. By consuming it, problems like burning in urine and stones can be got rid of. This increases kidney function.

Provides energy and revitalization

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries have used shilajit to boost energy and revitalize the body. It provides energy to the body by increasing the function of mitochondria within the body. This herb revitalizes the body with strong antioxidant properties. By fighting disease-causing free radicals, it repairs the internal damages of the body caused by chemicals and other dangerous agents.

Helps break addictions

The consumption of Shilajit has a profound effect on the process of breaking the addiction. When given to opioid patients it decreases true addiction and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

Improve Testosterone Hormone in men

The hormone testosterone is very important for men. This hormone helps to improve the sexual health of men and to overcome the problem of impotence. Due to its deficiency, men have problems like weakening of muscles, increase in body fat, fatigue and hair loss. When Sheelajit is consumed, there is an increase in the testosterone hormone. The strength of men can be increased by consuming Shilajit. But before consuming, take the help of a doctor or ayurvedic expert.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that causes problems with memory, behavior, and thinking. Shilajit is good for improving the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The primary component of Sheelajit is an antioxidant known as fulvic acid. This powerful antioxidant contributes to cognitive health by preventing the accumulation of tau protein. Tau proteins are an important part of your nervous system, but a buildup can trigger brain cell damage.

Possible Side Effects

  • Shilajit is not associated with any serious side effects.
  • But the following side effects are likely to occur if taken in higher doses.
  • Excessive heat stimulation in the body.
  • Burning feeling in feet.
  • Feeling hot in the hands and feet.
  • Increased or decreased urination.
  • Allergy: If you are allergic to any compound or ingredient present in Shilajit.

How To Use Shilajit

Shilajit is available in the market in both liquid and powder form. But it should always be used according to the instructions. If you buy in liquid form, dissolve in a grain of rice or a pea-sized amount of liquid and take one to three times a day, depending on directions. Shilajit powder can be taken with milk twice a day. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking Sheelajit supplements.

What are the synonyms of Shilajit?

Asphaltum punjabinum, Black bitumen, Mineral pitch, Memiya, Silajat, Shilajatu, Silajatu, Kanmandam, Saileya Shilaja, Shiladhatuja, Shilamaya, Shilasweda, Shilaniryasa, Asmaja, Asmajatuka, Girija, Adrija, Gaireya

What is the source of Shilajit?

Metal & Mineral based


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