Skin Care Tips | How to Prevent Acne Tips to Manage Pimples

Skin Care Tips – Hello friends today I tell you how to stop acne? I am going to tell about this. If you have the same problem. So do read the article completely. Blooms, acne, pimples, acne or whatever they say are very common problems of young dal teenagers. But in the side where looks get the most attention. At that age, acne and the pimples caused due to it give sleepless nights to teenagers and they only think about it when they wake up to sleep. Why is this happening oh my god.

In such a situation, an article has been made to remove the small problem visible from your body. So that you can easily deal with such issues and can focus all your attention on career oriented studies. So let’s get started. And by understanding the problem of acne that upsets you, we find out its solution. Acne is such a skin condition. Which are formed by the mixing of oil and dead skin cells of the follicle. These conditions affect the hair follicles and glands of the skin.

Should drink more and more water

According to skin and health experts, people who drink less water. His face looks lifeless and dry. To avoid that, you are advised to drink 3 to 4 liters of water throughout the day. This improves the complexion of the face. Apart from this, consuming a few drops of lemon in green tea is also beneficial. If you drink plenty of water or keep the body hydrated, then the toxic substances will not accumulate in the body and all the toxic substances will be flushed easily.

How to Prevent Acne Tips to Manage Pimples

Do not wash face with soap

Harsh chemicals are present in soap. That’s why they should not be used to wash the face. You have to take note of this. That common soap has a pH level between 9 and 11. Which makes the pH level of the skin between 5 and 7. This increases the risk of many skin problems. Skin experts also agree that soap and cleanser should be avoided as it can make the skin itchy.

Do not use the same skin care product

Many times women use those products. Which are helpful in fighting pimples. But as we age, the skin texture also changes. In such a situation, more attention has to be given to the skin. That is why it is important to use those products, which suit your skin type. Apart from that, you should use it only after the advice of the doctor.

Should not touch face again and again

We see that many people have a habit of touching the face again and again. Touching your face repeatedly with your dirty hands can increase the problem. Apart from that, do not try to break the pimples. Touching the face more with hands spreads more oil, germs and dirt on the skin. Therefore, hands and hair should be prevented from coming on the face. Which can make it easier for you to avoid trouble.

Avoid flour and sugar

The consumption of maida i.e. refined grains and sugar should be avoided. Because with this you can avoid the problem of pimples. Actually, they work to increase the level of insulin in the body. In such a situation, eat foods like pasta, white rice, white bread and sugar as little as possible. They do the work of increasing insulin. They also contain high glycemic carbohydrates. Which can be the cause of acne.

Dairy products

Certain types of dairy products such as cottage cheese, full fat curd, milk and ice cream act as triggers in increasing acne. Did you know that dairy products contain casein? It increases the level of such hormones. Due to which the oil glands of our skin become more active. That oil increases the production of sebum. Which can cause acne. Because of that, if you also want to avoid that problem. So be sure to avoid it.

Skin Care Tips Aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered to be full of medicinal properties in Ayurveda. Is used for both health and beauty. Aloe vera juice helps in flushing out the bad substances from the body. Aloe vera juice can help in removing the problem of pimples. If you are also troubled by the problem of acne. So some home remedies can also be done. Using which you can get rid of acne.

Skin Care Tips

Tea Tree Oil – Mix 5 drops of coconut oil in one drop of tea tree oil. Mix that oil well and apply it on the face. Leave it overnight and wash your face with water in the morning.

Honey – You apply honey on your face and leave it overnight. Wash your face with lukewarm water after waking up in the morning.

Green tea – Green tea can be used for skin care. Green tea can be used to get rid of acne. Make green tea and apply it on the face after cooling it.

Lemon – Lemon acts as a natural exfoliator in the skin. Add a little water to lemon juice. Apply it on the affected area with the help of cotton on the face. Apply the mixture on the face for 10 minutes and then wash off with water.

Orange peel – Orange peel can be used to get rid of the problem of acne. Orange peel is very beneficial for the skin.

Multani mitti – To get rid of acne, prepare a paste by mixing water in multani mitti. Apply the paste on the affected area and wash off with water afterwards.

Skin Care Tips


Q. What should be applied if there is acne on the face?

Honey, Green Tea, Lemon, Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Multani Mitti

Q. How to get rid of pimple?

To get rid of pimples, sandalwood powder, egg and onion juice, multani mitti and aloe vera gel can be applied.

Q. Why do pimples come out on the face?

In the age of teenage, rapid hormonal changes are taking place in our body. Due to this, due to the disturbance of the hormone level, pimples start growing on our skin. Which initially feels like a small rash or bulge.

Q. Which is the best cream for acne?

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Q. Which cream to apply to remove pimples?

Vico Turmeric Skin Care Cream


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