Turnip Benefits , Uses And side Effects

Turnip Benefits – Turnip is a white root vegetable. It is healthy as it is full of nutrients. It is very low in calories. Therefore, it is very beneficial for those who want to stay fit. But in Ayurveda, apart from eating turnip, it is also used as medicine. Because turnip helps in getting relief from many diseases. Let us know for which diseases shalgam is beneficial.

What is Turnip?

The root and leaves of turnip are used as a salad and as a vegetable. Its leaves are like radish leaves. Its flowers are yellow in colour. Its roots are Aquarius, round, white and light purple and pink in color. Turnip is mostly found in winters. Turnip is eaten as a vegetable. Its leaf is very bitter but in Ayurveda it is used as medicine.

Turnip Use – Turnip Benefits

Turnips can be used as a salad.

Turnips are cooked and eaten in the afternoon or at night.

Turnip juice can be consumed.

Potatoes can be mixed with turnips to make a delicious vegetable.

Turnip pickle can also be made.

Turnips can be used in evening soups.

A person can consume half a cup of turnips as a vegetable during the day.

The exact amount may vary according to the health of the individual.

Benefits of Turnip

  • Bronchitis or bronchitis
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Relief from piles
  • To skin
  • Cough relief
  • Beneficial in ulcers
  • To reduce the risk of cancer
  • Lung health
  • To improve memory
  • The intestines
  • For diabetes
  • Heart health
  • For liver and kidney
  • Bones
  • Lose weight
  • Hair

For bones – Turnip Benefits

As an important source of calcium and potassium, turnips are important for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones. Regular consumption of turnips can prevent the risk of bone fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Strengthen the immune system

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system to lead a healthy life. Hence to keep the immune system strong. Turnips can be included in the diet to boost the immune system. Actually found in scientific research. That turnips have an immune effect. Which can help boost immunity.

Turnip Benefits For hair

Eating turnips can help with hair care. In fact, zinc is found in magnesium and iron in turnips and these nutrients may play an important role in hair growth. However, more research is needed on how turnips may be beneficial for straight hair.

Turnip Benefits Diabetes

Turnips can also be beneficial in diabetes. According to NCBI research, turnip extracts have antidiabetic properties. It also states that it can help control glucose levels by increasing insulin. Which can give relief from the problem of diabetes.

Turnip Benefits fo Lung health

Carcinogens found in cigarette smoke damage the body due to vitamin A deficiency. This can lead to pulmonary emphysema and other lung problems. Vitamin A contained in turnips helps in keeping the lungs healthy by removing this deficiency.

To improve memory

Turnip can also be used to strengthen memory. Along with enhancing memory, Choline may play an important role in brain development. Colin can improve visual and verbal memory. According to research, it may play an important role in brain and memory development in the fetus and reduce the risk of developing neural tube defects (congenital defects).

Lose weight

For weight loss, turnip can be taken in the diet. It can help reduce the risk of obesity. It is believed that the fiber present in it may be behind the weight loss properties as fiber intake can work to control weight. More research is still needed on this topic.

To skin

The inline medicinal properties of turnips may also work for better skin health. Turnips are rich in vitamin C and are also a major source of powerful antioxidants. Which can help fight free radicals. Vitamin-C can help in making the skin glowing.

To reduce the risk of cancer

The benefits of eating turnips can also help reduce the risk of cancer. Turnips have active anti-cancer properties. Anticancer properties may be less helpful in preventing cancer and preventing the spread of cancer cells. At the same time let us make it clear that cancer is a serious disease. That’s why a doctor is needed to treat it. The treatment of this disease is not possible only by home remedies.

For liver and kidney

Turnip can also be used to keep liver and kidney healthy. According to research, turnips may exhibit hepatoprotective and nephroprotective effects. It can help protect the liver and kidneys. Due to the medicinal properties of turnip, it can be used in diseases of liver and kidney. More research is still needed on this topic.

Loss of turnip 

Turnips are rich in nutrients.

But turnip leaves contain high amounts of phosphorus.

Which, in high doses, can adversely affect the heart, kidneys and bones.

Turnip leaves are also rich in potassium.

Excessive intake of potassium can lead to hyperkalemia.

The excessive amount of fiber in it can cause bloating, cramps and gas.

Xalates present in turnips cause health problems for kidney or gall bladder patients.

People with thyroid problems should not consume turnips.


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