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Android Apps Developer – Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device. And a specific mobile application uses a network connection to work for remote computing institutions. Smartphones are the most used nowadays. It makes our work a lot easier. In such a situation, if someone wants to become an app developer, then this is a very good option for him. Because smartphones are the most used in the world today.

The mobile applications we are using every day. She is changing the way we think. The way we do business is changing. Mobile app developer job is one of the best jobs in the world in today’s time. Today we will tell you how you can improve your skills and become an Android app developer. So friends, today we are going to provide you complete information about app developer through our article.

What is App Development?

Android mobile app developer is that person. that builds mobile or desktop applications. He is a software developer. Who specializes in designing applications for Android mobiles. App developers can create simple applications. And also big and hot applications like gaming like PUBG-G. Candy Cresh In today’s time, the Android system word has a huge share in the smartphone market. By 2020, the Android operating system OS is installed in about 75 percent of smart phones around the world.

How to become an app developer?

  • There are many new things inside a person, there should be a desire to develop.
  • one should not be lazy
  • Man should have mobile and computer
  • person speaks english language
  • he surfs the internet easily

App development course

B.Sc. Computer science

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application

Diploma in Computer Engineering

B.E. or B.Tech Software Development 

M.E or M.Tech Computer Science Engineering

PG Diploma in Software Development

M.E. or M.Tech Software Development

B.Voc Software Development

Language knowledge for app development








Android Apps Developer Licence

Android is an open source platform so its package licensing cost is very low. Because of that, in less investment, more ROI means more return and investment. Android is a big community in which if there is any problem with the app. Or is there any problem in removing its new version. So you can solve your problem directly by talking to the developers.

Android Evolving Platform

Android is an Involving Platform. Applications that have been created. They are gaining a lot of popularity either. Or Top Rated on Google Play Store. Google is always making changes in its functions. And releases new versions every time. So you always get to see something new with new updates. These updates also give you a chance to add something new to your I’ll look.

Easy to Adopt and Learn

If you are working on any technology like Software Testing Full Development. So you would know that Java Programming Language is one of the easiest programming languages. How easy is it to learn Java and create applications with its help. Apart from this, all the things that have to be learned for App Development are very easy to learn.

Skills required to become an app developer

  • To become an App Developer, you must have technical skills.
  • Android development can be done on any system.
  • Whether it is a Mac or a Windows PC or a Linux computer.
  • It is necessary to have an Android phone to run the app and see it.


The most basic programming language for Android development is Java. To be a successful Android developer, you must have a good understanding of Java concepts such as Loops, List, Variable and Control Structure. Java is one of the most popular programming languages ​​used by software developers today, so you must have basic as well as advance knowledge.


You also need to learn the basics of SQL to organize databases inside Android apps. SQL is a language used to extract, update or delete information from the database. A database is a collection of many data that is generally used to access a computer system such as a store in an electronics form.

Android Software Development Kit SDK

The best thing about Android Development is that its essential tools are absolutely free and easy to use. Both Android SDK and Android Studio can be downloaded for free. Android Studio is the main program in which developers write the code and collect it in different packages and libraries. Android SDK contains many things like Sample Code Software Libraries Handy Coding Tools, with the help of which you can build and test Android applications.

It is also very easy to create an app for Android and publish it on Google Play. All you have to do is register for Google Play Publisher Account, for which you have to pay about 25 dollars from Google Wallet itself. Android’s Launch Checklist has to be followed. You have to submit your created application there through Google Play Developer Console and wait for Google Approval.


XML is used to describe programming data. Basic knowledge of XML Syntax helps Android Developer a lot. When they have to do User Interface UI Layout Design or feed data from the Internet, most of what you need for XML in App Development, you can do it through Android Studio but its knowledge for Basic Markup Language It is necessary to be

Website for making apps







Android Apps Developer Job Roles

Mobile App Developer

Android Engineer

Mobile Architect Embedded Software Engineer Of Mobile

Lead Software Engineer Of Mobile

Android Developer

Android Engineer 

Mobile Developer

Types of Mobile App (Android Apps Developer)

  • Video Playing app
  • Text Chat app
  • Video Chat app
  • Shoping App
  • E- Commerce app
  • Gaming App
  • News App
  • Video uploading app
  • Sports app
  • Entertainmaint app
  • Hotel booking app
  • Education app
  • Healthcare app
  • flight booking aap
  • Audio and Video downloading app
  • Ticket booking app
  • Train booking App
  • Voice dubbing app
  • Video Editing app
  • Weather app
  • Travelling app
  • Translation App
  • Voice Editing
  • Photo Editing app
  • File sharing app
  • Animation app

How to Become an App Developer

First of all buy a good computer or a laptop.

The RAM of that computer or laptop should be at least 4 GB to 6 GB.

After that take admission for App development course.

Practice coding on your computer during your studies.

Try to understand and learn programming languages.

Get a good hold on programming languages.

Download and install Android studio in computer.


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