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Starting a business and starting an e-commerce business in that too is not an easy task. E-commerce business can be successful only after a lot of hardwork and following many steps. In today’s article, we will talk about those steps. That’s how you can start a successful E-commerce business. Bill Gates once said. That if your business is not on the Internet. So your business is not a business. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have shown up. That this is the future of business. 

And because these people experimented with the ecommerce market, there are still such large sites today. If still you have not come to know about the benefits of coming into this business. So let’s talk about some numbers. It has been revealed from the Economic Survey of 2017-18. That the estimate of the e-commerce market in India is around 33 million. That is more than 19 percent of the growth rate of 2016-17. So let us now know which steps you need to follow to start an ecommerce business.

What is an E commerce business

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a term related to any business or commercial activity that takes place through the Internet. It is such a commercial and commercial activity that occurs on the Internet. In which information i.e. information is spread or transferred over the Internet. It is called e-commerce. E-commerce includes various types of business such as consumer based retail sites, auction or music sites, sites for the exchange of goods and services between corporations, etc.

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Tips to make your ecommerce business a success

  • Don’t rush the launch
  • Focus on the user
  • Thoroughly test everything
  • Work closely with the social
  • Incorporate social elements
  • Go mobile
  • Stay on top of SEO
  • gathering information

Create the perfect business plan and model

The first thing you have to do. That is, you have to think about your business model and plan in detail. The CEO of Shoppe Fly has said that e-commerce business is not an industry. It’s just a complete planning. There is a technique, now you have two types of business model options. Either you can create a single vendor store and or you can also create a multi vendor ecommerce store. You can choose it according to your budget.

Multi vendor market place

In this, many sellers sell many types of products on the same ecommerce site. It has its advantages. The profits of big platforms are also big and if people get all the things of their use on one platform, then the customers also increase. There is also a security in this type of business that if your supplier has other labels from any region, then your other supplier can sell the product to the customer so that the customer remains.

Both types of models have their advantages. You can choose according to you. If you want to sell your own product then you can create a single vendor store and if you want other people to come to your store and sell your product then now you can create multi vendor store. In the first type, you can take as much margin as you want because the product is yours and in the second case you get commission from each seller.

Single vendor marketplace

If your budget is less. So you can choose a single vendor. In this, you sell any one type of products or services on your ecommerce site. One, the administrative cost is very less in this and secondly, the complete control remains in your hands.

Branding the business

When you have disassembled. Which model of ecommerce business do you want to start? After that make a list of products and sellers and choose the business name. While choosing a business name, you have to choose a brand name. Choose a name that is short and easy to remember. Reflecting your business. Be unique and have no other meaning in any other language. Pick a great name. So you have to design a logo too. Which will be called the company logo.

Finalizing company type

There are four types of companies present in India. Sole Proprietor Ship does not have any limitation of liability. One Person Company Limited Liability Partnership known as LLP. That is, to choose a private limited company type. Wants to run an independent lead company. Or together with the partners, this will determine the type of the company. Choose corporate or partnership based structures. 

So you have to get a tax ID number and file tax returns. Employer Identification Number in online business which is called EIN. He has to take it. After which you have to open a business bank account. So that now business tax can be saved in the financial year. But you choose the sole proprietor model. So you will not need to get tax ID number.

Register an e-commerce business

Let us tell you that this is the most important part of starting an e-commerce business. First of all, for DIN meaning Directors Identification Number, you have to fill the form by visiting the online website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. All the necessary documents have to be uploaded there. For this you need to have your PAN card and Digital Signature Certificate. You get the DIN. After that, to check the availability of the name of the company, ROC means to apply to the Registrar of Companies.

They can do that work on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. After the confirmation of the name, 6 months time is given. For the rest of the process of the company, after this you have to apply for many things. Like for GST certification shops and establishment licenses. Employees State Insurance Corporation for Employee Scheme Medical Insurance to open PF from Provident Fund Organization.And last of all, you have to apply for the official registration of the company under the Companies Act 2013 from the Certification of Companies in Corporation.

Open bank account

Once your company is registered, after that you have to open a bank account in the name of the company itself. You can open an account in any bank. If you have chosen proprietor ship model for your online business. So GST registration has to be done. Only after that you will be able to open an account in the name of the company. Otherwise there could be trouble.

Create e commerce website

After that you can create your website in two ways. One can be made with the help of pre built platform. And or can also be made from scratch programming language. This is the advantage of using pre build platforms like Bold Press and Wix. That you get many readymade tablets. From which you can choose the tinplate of your choice and make your own website.

You don’t know any programming language. Or just HTML comes. So the flags Shoppe Fi Jeeps and Can’t Rocket are some of the options on scratch website WooCommerce. With which you can make e commerce business. Now you have to choose with whose help you want to make your website. Your entire business depends on your website. So you have to design the website very carefully and well.

Payment gateways

To make online business more profitable, there is a need to set up a payment gateway. Which it is necessary to have options for every popular payment method like credit cards, debit cards, net banking and cash transactions. In some popular payment gateways like Paypal, Payu and Razorpay, you have to submit some documents to get the payment gateway round done on the online website. 

In that Bank Account In the same Name of the Business, Pan card of the Business, Certificate of in Corporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association Identity Proof, Address Proof, Website Terms of Use, Website Privacy Policy Once all these documents are approved by you. If done, then you can start payment on your website.

How to attract customer

Old method

If you don’t have much resources. Like you attract the customer towards you. You can do paper advertising. You can ask your customer to recommend your friend, family, etc.

SEO Marketing

For emperor marketing, today the world uses the strategy of SEO means Search Engine Optimizen. If you can attract online customers to your e-commerce business, then this will be your success, this is where SEO strategy comes in handy. SEO will help to get you on the first page.


Retargeting is a process in which people who have once visited your website and without buying anything, a cookie is created on their computer. After that when he goes to another website from the retargeting network where the ads of your website are visible.

Choose the right keyword

Friends, according to a report, there are 7 lakh Google searches in 1 minute. If you want to come in these searches, then you have to use targeted keywords. To bring your online business to the search engines, you have to use different types of keywords.


Advertising is another way through which you can come in front of the customer’s eyes. You can use paid ads on social media, Facebook, and Instagram for this. Once people have clicked on your ad and visited your website, after that it is your job to keep them as your permanent customer.


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