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How To Open Government Ration Distribution Shop – How to get a government ration shop, then tell you that the ration from the ration card is distributed to everyone from the government ration shop. Individuals/self-help groups distributing ration get commission as income for distributing ration. If you are unemployed. Or want to earn extra income. So you can open government ration shop. But do you know how to open a ration shop?

The government ration shop is provided by the Food Department according to the number of ration cards. Due to which the distribution of ration becomes easy and the beneficiaries should not face any problem in getting the ration. If anyone wants to earn extra income by opening a government ration shop. So you can apply for it. Here we are providing step by step complete information about how to get government ration shop. So let’s get started.

What is a Government Ration shop

Government ration distribution shop is called that shop. Which is run by the central and state government. By which a certain quantity of rice, pulses, sugar, wheat, kerosene is made available to the poor and below poverty line ration card holders at a fixed rate. This type of shop is present not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. These are locally called ration shops. Food and Supplies Department under each state governments run fair price shops in each city, town and village from the district.

Ration Shop Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for opening a ration shop is different for all the state governments. But some eligibility is fixed for all. Which are like this.

Resident of India – The person to open a ration shop must be a resident of India. Along with that, he can open a shop in the same area in which he belongs.

Financially Able – It is necessary to have at least 50 thousand rupees in the bank account of the applicant. This means that he should be financially sound.

Educational Qualification – Eligibility to open a ration shop was to have passed at least 10th class. But now it has been increased and graduated. But this qualification is different in different states.

Applicants already licensed cannot apply – Persons who have previously obtained license for ration shop once. But for some reason his license has been cancelled. So he cannot apply again.

Legal Offender – A person who is guilty under the Essential Commodities Act 1955. He will not be eligible for this.

License – If a person has a license for cooking oil, sugar, wheat, rice etc., given by the Food Department in the past. So he cannot apply for the shop.

How To Open Government Ration Distribution Shop

To get the government ration shop, first you have to apply.

You will get that application form from the Food Department.

You can also download the application form online for opening a ration shop.

Through the link you can get the sample form in PDF.

After receiving the application form, first of all fill the applicant’s name, father’s/husband’s name and address in clear letters.

Fill the date of birth and educational qualification of the applicant.

Fill the SHG details carefully in the application form.

Mention clearly in which place you want to open a government ration shop.

Fill all the information asked in the application form carefully along with personal information.

Submission of incomplete application may result in rejection of your application.

It is mandatory to attach all the required documents along with the application form.

Submit the completed application form to the Sub-Divisional Officer/Block Development Officer.

The applications received for government ration shop will be scrutinized by the district level selection committee.

Applicants found eligible in the scrutiny by the selection committee will be issued a license to open a government ration shop.

Ration Shop Required Location

If the ration shop is on rent. So it should be opened only after the complete rent agreement. There should be at least 15 feet wide road in front of the shop. Because people should not have trouble in carrying ration. The height and width of the shop can be kept from 3 meters to 5 meters.

Documents required to get government ration shop

Aadhar Card of the applicant.

Residence certificate of the applicant.

Certificate of reservation category.

Certificate of educational qualification.

The minimum age of the applicant is 21 years. certificate of.

Affidavit of the applicant’s family against any member of the Essential Commodities Act for not registering a case under Section 3/7.

Certificate that no ration shop is allotted in the name of any other member of the applicant’s family.

Affidavit regarding the applicant not being a family member of the village head.

Affidavit related to having minimum 40 thousand rupees in the bank account of the applicant.

Character certificate issued by the Superintendent of Police.

Character certificate issued by the District Officer.

Urban Area

If you want to open a ration shop in the city, then there should be an area of ​​4 thousand units for this. Notification is issued by the Food and Logistics Department to open ration shops by the government in such areas. Note that this notification is made available to the people through the local news paper and the official website of the concerned department. After that interested people can apply.


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