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How to start fish farming business? How do we fish today? will learn about There is a lot of demand for fish in a densely populated country like India. About 60% of the population of India likes to eat fish. With this, it is in second place in fish farming in the whole world. You can guess from this that how big a market it has in India. There is a lot of network of rivers, ponds and canals in our country. So you can start fish farming business in them. Nowadays people in rural areas are earning their livelihood from fisheries. 

But to start a fish farming business, you will need land and fresh water. You can earn good money from this business. Apart from eating fish, its oil is also extracted. It is used in the manufacture of various types of medicines. Most proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. are present in sufficient quantities in fish. If you start fish farming on a small or large scale, then it is necessary to get training in pond, type of fish, method of fish farming, maintenance of fish and their food.

What is Fish Farming

This is the process in which small children of fish are raised by raising them in a pond or river. The fish born in it are also raised. When the size of the fish gets bigger. So you can catch it and sell it in the market. And you can make good profit from it. That business does not require much investment to start. All you have to do is invest in the food for the fish and the species of the fish. From that business you can earn 5 to 10 times profit from your investment.

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Why do fish farming business

India has a favorable environment for fish farming. Apart from India, it has been produced in large quantities in other countries as well. Fish meat is delicious, rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. That is why its demand is increasing everywhere. By the way, fishing from river, pond, sea is an old practice. But in the present time people are leaving the old way and doing fish farming in a new way.

In that people are doing fish farming by constructing ponds, tanks in an artificial way. Because sea fish is more beneficial because it contains abundant amount of iodine. But now it is also showing a decline. Because people are producing more and more of it by making fish farm. In this business you can earn more profit in less cost.

Benefits of fishing business

  • In India, more than 60 percent people like fish. Because of that there are possibilities of expansion of this business.
  • The amount of protein in fish is very high, which is why doctors recommend eating it.
  • In India, you can do this business near natural rivers, streams, seas and dams.
  • The climate in India and the climate of India are favorable for the fish farming business.
  • There is a lot of risk potential in that business.
  • Fishing is the most important thing to make business successful.
  • To make profit is to choose fish of high quality breed.
  • Various types of species and species of fish are found in India.
  • Those who are doing jobs can also do this business.
  • Because this business can be done with any work.
  • This business is related to agriculture, farmers can also take advantage of it.

How to start fish farming business

Making artificial pond

This technique is great for fish farming. But you have to construct a pond or tank in an artificial way. If you don’t have your own space. So you have to take a place to start this fish farming business. To start this business there, you have to make a pond. Along with this, you can also use the old pond nearby.

In order to raise fish by making a pond artificially, you will have a little more cost to maintain and set up the business well. You will have to put in more effort in this. But you can earn more profit by rearing good quality fish in it. At present, most of the people are earning good profits by adopting this method.

Home or Roof Fishing

Do you have a big roof of the house or any such room in the house. If it is big and water proof, then you can fish in it. You can also follow it by making a pond in the garden at home. For this, an environment suitable for fishes has to be created in the house. Also the temperature has to be controlled. It is necessary to have proper arrangement of that water. Because by controlling the temperature, good yield of fish can be taken.

Cage system

With the cage method technique, fish farming can be done in seas, lakes and rivers. For this the net has to be laid in the sea or river. Be careful while laying the net so that the net does not burst. That work only costs the net. But it is very less. In addition, there is the cost of freight. In this, 8 times the profit can be earned. This is the easiest and most beneficial way for fishermen to fish.

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Select Fish Species

The entrepreneur doing this business should take care of many things while choosing the breed of fish. The fish grown in that area and environment, the selection of the breed of fish according to the local demand plays an important role in the overall fish production and profit. The selection of the breed should be done only after thorough research and analysis. 

By the way, the entrepreneur should always choose such a breed which can easily breed in that area. There should be plenty of demand, natural facilities, water, resources available for them. In fresh water ponds one can observe Katla, Rui, Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Common Carp, Tilapia, Koi, Shrimp, various types of Catfish etc. In order to utilize the water and pond resources, the entrepreneur can produce many fish breeds in a single pond.

Feed Arrangement for Fish

In order to get quick profit or increase in fish farming, proper arrangement of fish food has to be made. The food of fish should be adapted to their species. Before starting the business of fish farming, make arrangements for the food of the fish. It is necessary for the fish to be alive for the growth lane in the fish farming business. Because their number could increase continuously. Maintain the water level in the pond and keep checking the water from time to time.

Care and Management of Fish Farming

Let me tell you that it is very important to take care of the fish. If you are starting fish farming business on a large scale. So you may also need laborers. In order to earn more profit in this business and to increase the number of fish, there is definitely a need to monitor their health. If a fish gets sick. So get it out of the pond or treat that fish and leave it back in the pond. Apart from this, you can use potassium permanganate and salt to cure fish disease. If one fish gets sick, the whole pond can get sick.

How to Start a Fish Farming Business


Q. In which season should fish farming be done?

Can do in any season.

Q. How much does fish farming cost?

40 -50 thousand rupees have to be spent in fish farming.

Q. Which fish grows faster?


Q. How much profit is there in fish farming?

You can earn 4-5 times the profit in fish farming.

Q. What is the fish fed?

Rice flour pellet, Wheat flour pellet fed, Vegetable leaves, Peas

Q. When to take the fish back from the pond?

When the fish is between 1 to 1.5 forts, then it can be taken out of the pond and sent to the market.

Q. In how many days is the fish ready?

It takes 25 days for the fish to be ready after being put in the pond.

Q. How many rupees per kg of fish grain is available?

Fish grain is easily available in the market for 30 rupees a kg.


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